Ballot Recommendations

March 3, 2020 Ballot

NO‼ on Proposition 13—$15,000,000,000 in BONDS for Schools ($27B with interest).  Why are we borrowing money when we have a $21 Billion surplus? How many times do the schools need to be repaired?  How can there be any asbestos LEFT, we’ve approved funds for removal many times over the past forty years.  There’s one of these issues on the ballot every other year; and this includes a LOT of spending on things unrelated to school facilities.

Note also, all the other Local spending measures on the ballot for “school repair.”

NO on Measure A Geyserville Unified School District

NO on Measure B West Sonoma County Union High School (Parcel Tax Increase)

NO on Measure C Bellevue Union School District

NO on Measure D Roseland School District

NO on Measure E Sebastopol Union School District

NO on Measure F West Side Union School District

Most of these are for more BORROWING and will cost nearly double the initial ask when interest is applied.  We’re taxed way too much already on parcel taxes.  Make do with funds raised through our sky-high taxes and say NO to additional, wasteful spending.

NO on Measure G County of Sonoma—Firefighting IS a key priority for this State. Reallocate current tax dollars form other less crucial programs and don’t raise the Sales Tax even higher‼

YES on Measure H City of Healdsburg—This is a tough one. Healdsburg’s Growth Management Ordinance (2018) allows only an average of 50 units of multi-family housing units per year.  This amendment allows those units to be sold or rented.  This is why there is a housing shortage; The Growth Management Ordinance should be abolished altogether.  In the meantime, this amendment makes it slightly less repugnant.

NO‼ on Measure I Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District—This extends the current incremental sales tax for the SMART Train for 30 YEARS and can’t be undone! Laughably this is billed as a way to “continue relieving traffic congestion” when the trains are WAY below ridership and ticket revenue projections. This includes things like “pathways to connect stations,” so LOW PRIORITY.  A BIG, HUGE NO on this stinker.